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By Don Eker

Much has happened since our last update. As the entire world knows,
the tragedy of the Heaven's Gate mass suicide impacted UFOlogy worldwide. 
Even now, anyone attempting to look into the subject of UFOs is immediately
assigned to the ranks of "nuts and cultists." (See UFO Magazine Editor
Vicki Cooper Ecker's essay, "Hillary's Cheap Shot.") All legitimate
researchers have suffered yet another terrible black eye. 

For years, UFOlogy has suffered a total lack of critical thinking by
people who call themselves "researchers." In my current editorial 
called "Aftermath of Heaven's Gate," I relate the incident of a recent
Art Bell show that had on for about a half hour one Guy Kirkwood. This
man bills himself  as a former Air Force interceptor pilot who in the
1950s  was part of a very secret Air Force squadron that chased and
photographed UFOs. Kirkwood's story is entirely fraudulent.
Compounding this is that two Sothern California MUFON chapters, one
in L.A. and another in San Bernardino, scheduled Kirkwood to speak
on his "experiences." In 1992, I detailed an entire expose on this
long-time hoaxer (UFO Magazine Volume 7, No. 3). Speaking to
representatives of both chapters, and sending them our expose, I
have learned that they still have Kirkwood on their agendas!

No matter how many times these types of hoaxes are exposed, very few
in the field either accept this kind of bad news or are willing to
confront it. It is kind of like the cliche, "Don't confuse me with
the facts, my mind is made up!" "But I really enjoy a good story!"
is another answer we receive.

The Art Bell "Coast to Coast" late-night radio show is another example
of selling schlock as fact. I covered the Bell controversy in my
editorial, but as long as people do not or will not use critical
thinking, we remain mired in "fuzzy thinking." This is one principal
reason no one in the straight media or science will take the UFO field

A new wrinkle in the UFO field was just seen on TV-- the "alien
interrogation film." I recently watched the television program "Strange
Universe" air a couple of seconds of it, and the UFO "experts" who were
questioned about it. Robert Dean was one of them. A former military
senior enlisted man, Dean has achieved status in the fish pond of UFOs
from a report he says he viewed while in NATO Headquarters concerned
with the UFO enigma. As he watched this film, tears filled his eyes.

Okay, let's use some logic. If this film was smuggled out of Area 51,

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