Networks of Imagination

Global Information Landscapes and
Urban Transformations in Asia

Vienna, 20th - 22th of June 2005

Networks of Imagination will bring together key figures from the project partners in Bangalore in order to discuss the program of the World-Information City - event in November.

Network actors are surveying emerging maps of social and cultural interaction: Tracking the mindsets of property, possession and the creation of scarcity in the information economy, skewing knowledge production and the processes of control materializing in global cities.

Exploring alternative futures is linked to a living cultural and social practice based on networks of open exchange and dissemination. Nodes of semiotic democracy based on clusters of free information cultures can provide trajectories for discovering different options in the shaping of information societies.

These independent investigations into the urban grids of power, shaping the social reorganization of cultures, enrich the imagination towards a multiplication of choices in negotiating conditions of socio-cultural reality.

"Networks of Imagination" brings together researchers, practitioners and institutions from Asia and Europe working in the field of culture and knowledge economies. A view into the practice, strategies and interventions of Agents in the Information Landscape provides for debate and assessment regarding change and everyday life in information societies beyond Europe.